Winch Rope Extension

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Winch rope extension made of the same heavy-duty, light-weight 12-strand UHMWPE fiber(similar to dyneema, spectra or amsteel). the winch rope extension has soft-eye splices on both ends. soft eyes are protected with chafe guards to allow multiple means of attachment. For situations where your nearest anchor point is further than the length of winch rope. Used for ATV,UTV, 4×4 truck, jeep off road game or overlanding.

  • Material: synthetic UHMWPE fiber

  • Construction: 12strands

  • Specific Gravity: 0.975

  • Melting Point : 150º C

  • Single Braided Rope

Rope Colors Available

synthetic winch rope color

The winch rope extension is lightweight, durable and easy to handle due to use of UHMWPE fiber(like dyneema, spectra or amsteel). Built for various off road racing rescue with different capacities. reinforced soft eyes of the winch rope extension on both ends allows you to prolong the reach of your vehicle winch. Constructed of same UHMWPE fiber with synthetic winch cable  make it ease of use and reduce weight of extension. Polyester sliding sleeve and stainless thimble provide extra protection against wear and abrasion. can be used with soft shackle for atv,utv, 4×4 truck, jeep offroad recovery. 3/8 inch,7/16 inch and 1/2 inch are hot-selling sizes. various color options of the winch rope extension can be selected.

  • Abrasion resistant

  • 1/7 the weight of comparable steel wire rope

  • Flexible with less than 5% stretch

  • Floats on water, making water recoveries easier

  • Compacted diameter for higher density and greater load bearing capacity

  • Good replacement for steel rope

  • Reinforced soft eyes provide ease of use and reduce weight of extension










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Breaking Strength


Breaking Strength


513/161.7016.62± 5%2.0019.00
85/164.1040.00± 5%6.3563.00
9.53/85.6055.75± 5%8.3283.00
1013/326.1061.00± 5%9.3293.00
121/28.8087.00± 5%12.12121.00
149/1612.00119.00± 5%15.40153.00
165/815.50151.00± 5%20.60205.00
183/419.00190.00± 5%23.90238.00

other sizes are available on request.
our winch rope extension can be customized into different lengths and diameters as requirement.

winch rope extension application