Winch Rope Extension

  • It’s for situations where your nearest anchor point is further than the length of your existing winch rope.

  • They are made from the same heavy-duty, light-weight 12-strand UHMWPE fiber.

  • Each rope has soft-eye splices that are protected with chafe guards to allow multiple means of attachment.

Why winch rope extension is a good replacment for wire steel one?
For it is stronger, safer & lighter

Feature of  Winch Rope Extension

  • Abrasion resistant

  • 1/8 the weight of comparable steel rope

  • Flexible with less than 5% stretch

  • Floats on water, making water recoveries easier

  • Heat treated construction for maximum tensile strength

  • Compacted diameter for higher density and greater load bearing capacity

Winch Rope Extension for Chosen

winch rope extension-black

available colors

orange color rope



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