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Synthetic Winch Rope


What is the UHMWPE fiber?

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) was first polymerized in the 1950’s. The first Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers were commercialized in the late 1970’s.

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a type of polyolefin that is composed of very long chains of polyethylene with a very high % of parallel orientation and high level of crystallinity.The extremely long polymer chains enable load transfer by strengthening intermolecular interactions. UHMWPE fibers are manufactured in a gel spinning process.

•Specific Gravity: 0.975
•Elongation Percentage: 3%~5%
•Melting Point : 150º C
•Water Absorption: None
•UV resistance: Excellet
•Abrasion resistance: Excellent

  • Our Synthetic winch rope is not only safe and highly durable,but also cost-effective recovery solution.

  • The Synthetic winch rope is made of UHMWPE fiber(the breaking Strength is the highest in the world), it’s widely used as winch rope, yachting lines, towing ropes, lifting ropes,mooring lines, heaving rope and tug rope etc.

  • It is at least 80% Stronger than Kevlar rope and twice higher than carbon fiber rope.

  • The synthetic winch rope has smooth surface,low friction coefficient,excellent acid,alkali,cold,corrosion and UV resistance.

  • It is uneasy to fuzzing,but easy to store.

  • The synthetic winch rope can replace steel wire rope in the environment that requires higher about intensity,weight and security.

Why the Synthetic winch rope is a good replacment for wire steel cable?
For it is stronger & safer and lighter


√ other sizes are available on request

Feature of Synthetic Winch Rope

  • Extremely Light, floats in water.

  • Minimal stretch and non rotation.

  • Good resistance to UV and chemicals.

  • Easy to handle, no sharp frays, easily spliced.

  • Low dielectric constant makes it virtually transparent to radar

  • To prevent overheating,slippage,rough or sharp surfaces.

  • Upgrade your winch with stronger synthetic winch rope than traditional steel cables


• Winch Rope

• Yachting & Sailing Rope

• Towing

• Moring Line

• Anchor Line

• Cable Pulling

• Lifting Rope

• Rigging Lines

• Replacement for Wire Rope

Synthetic Winch Rope for Chosen

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