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Our Soft Shackle is made of UHMWPE fiber,the highest strength synthetic rope available,also with our proprietary coating process for abrasion protection.uniquely designed button knot and self-tightening loop that will not to slip off during use. quality comparable to bubba rope shackle or arb soft shackle. can be covered with protective sleeve,jacket and can be double braided for extreme duty use.

  • Material: UHMWPE fiber

  • Elongation: 3.5%

  • Construction: 12strands single braided

  • Various Colors Available

Rope Colors for chosen

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The Soft Shackle is made of 100% 12 strand UHMWPE(compare to dyneema, spectra or amsteel) and should be hand-made.It has higher breaking strength than normal synthetic winch rope. Due to its flexibility, it can be used everywhere, also at different to access locations.It does not cause any damages to 4×4 offroad vehicles, deck, hull, superstructure or rig. quality comparable to bubba rope or arb soft offers a strong lightweight alternative to a steel shackle.

  • Replacement for old steel shackle

  • One piece construction – no pins to fasten!

  • Our Soft Shackle is Flexible – easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points!

  • It floats – no more losing shackles in the water or muck!

  • The soft shackle can be fitted and removed with ease

  • Great performance for all sorts of applications , can be used in boating, camping, personal watercraft, Climbing, ATV&SUV off- road vehicle

Avg Breakload(ton)2.954.766.789.3011.2512.0013.6015.2018.0022.6028.0035.00
Avg Breakload(lbs)6,50010,50014,95020,50024,80026,50029,90033,50039,67049,80061,70077,500
ColorsAssorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted
soft shackle can be made into various colors like blue,red,green,purple,black,orange etc.
it also can be made into 2 mixed colors.
all soft shackle are made with protective sleeve and also can be with polyester cover as request.

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