Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope

  • The Kinetic Rope core consists of braided UHMWPE fiber

  • The cover is made of polyester fiber.

  • It has high breaking strength and lighter than other ropes due to using of UHMWPE fiber.

  • Can be customized in different colors according specific requirement.

  • It is uneasy to fuzzing,but easy to store.

  • The winch rope can replace steel wire rope in the environment that requires higher about intensity,weight and security.

Why the Kinetic Rope is a good replacment for wire steel cable?
For it is stronger & safer and smarter

Feature of Kinetic Rope

  • Polymeric Coating for Excellent Abrasion Resistance

  • For Use with Vehicles up to Trucks and Heavy Equipment

  • Sealed Against Stain and Water Absorbtion

  • Easy to handle, no sharp frays, easily spliced.

  • Low dielectric constant makes it virtually transparent to radar

  • To prevent overheating,slippage,rough or sharp surfaces.

  • Upgrade your winch with stronger synthetic winch rope than traditional steel cables

Kinetic Rope for Chosen

Kinetic Energy Rope-Orange

Kinetic Energy Rope-Mixed Colors

Kinetic Energy Rope-Mixed Colors

Kinetic Energy Rope-Mixed Colors


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